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2506 S. Croatan Highway
Nags Head, NC 27959

For 35 years, Stan White Realty has specialized in building and renting beach vacation properties on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our commitment to customer service and personalized Outer banks beach house rental services are two big reasons why we continue to rank #1 in Outer Banks Vacation Rental Management. Voted “Best of the Beach” four years in a row by Coast Magazine, Stan White Realty offers availability for over 500 rental properties in Nags Head, South Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Duck, Southern Shores, Colington, Manteo, and Corolla. Whether you’re looking for the affordable efficiency of an Oceanside cottage or a spacious luxury home on the Oceanfront with all the amenities, we have the perfect vacation rental for your budget.

• Luxury, Pet-friendly, and Special Event Homes
• Cottages, Condos, and Town Homes from Corolla to South Nags Head
• Three convenient office locations open seven days a week
• Partial and Extended Stay Welcome
• 1pm Check-In available on Select Homes

Give us a call today to speak with a knowledgeable vacation specialist and receive the personal attention you deserve. Visit us online to browse our virtual brochure or search for availability based on your specific needs. When it comes to planning your Outer Banks vacation, let our family take care of your family.

Contact Phone: 1-800-338-3233
Contact E-mail:
Contact Street Addresses:
Nags Head Office – 2506 S. Croatan Highway, Nags Head NC 27959
Duck Office – 1232 Duck Road, Duck NC 27949
Corolla Office – 812 Ocean Trail, Corolla NC 27927
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Rating: So many great rental companies in OBX, Stan White isn't one of them! 2/6/2021
Reviewer: OBXismyHappyPlace

We have been staying in the Outer Banks since I was a kid and have NEVER rented a property in the condition of Almost Home that we rented from Stan White Realty in October 2020. The pictures online did not match the house (and were taken off their website after we left). One bedroom was unusable because of what looked and smelled like a mold issue, the door do the deck didn't open, most of the electrical outlets in the family room didn't work, the kitchen cabinets were a mess, the gas grill was covered with mold and on and on. We were halfway into our stay by the time anybody answered my emails or calls. The maintenance supervisor that finally called said the issues couldn't be fixed while the house was tenant occupied. Finally connected with a supervisor who blamed the homeowners for the condition of the house and said our contract wasn't with Stan White but with the homeowners (what?) so they couldn't make it right by issuing a partial refund without the homeowners approval. They finally offered $150 (we paid over 2k) but this was after months of emails and a complaint to the BBB. This is by far the worst rental company we have ever dealt with, they had an excuse for everything and in my opinion were dishonest. Will never rent from them again, so many great rental companies in OBX, this one was the worst!

Rating: Excellent Service 10/30/2017
Reviewer: jdoc822

We have rented with them several times and have always received great service.

Rating: Owner fees outrageous increased 5/29/2014
Reviewer: popswills2003

Been an owner with this company for 7 years, this year advertisement fees went from $250 to $800, fee to spring clean my home (3 bedroom) and windows from $385 to $750, this is an annual mandatory clean, when questioned their explanation was increase in workman comp to them, passing on to owner. Not acceptable, looking for another management company
For 2015!

Rating: Poor service 8/23/2012
Reviewer: wgibbs

Our family rented from Stan White a place based on location and accommodations after looking at several other rental companies. When we arrived the property was in horrible shape with trash and cigarette butts everywhere. The inside looked close to the pictures we had seen and we felt all would be fine. Then when we went to connect to the "wireless internet" we discovered there was none. My husband called the next day the office was open and was given a work order number. We did not hear back all day and had to go to a local WIFI spot as this was also a working trip. The next day a different lady said that there was no such thing as a work order and that WE needed to call the internet provider and she gave us the number. Of course the internet provider could do nothing as we were not the billed customers. So we call back to get a man who tells us about a workorder again. The rental did not have wireless and the modem was useless as there was not even a complete connection. When we returned the key no one in the office apologized and all claimed no one in that office would do those things. Upon emailing the company, we received the obligatory customer service comments but they offered to do nothing other than address the person who told us to call the internet provider. We wasted time and there was tension on the trip as a result of all of this. We definitely will not use them again as we value honesty and if they had said we made a mistake and there is no internet then it would have been easier than to treat us as they did.

Rating: dont rent peytons pad with stan white 9/16/2010
Reviewer: Anonymous

we arrived on saturday, carpets were disgusting, food was left under the seat cushions in the lving room

on tuesday water was cut off because the owner did not pay the bill, the response we got was stuff happens. on wednesday cable cust off because bill was not paid, no call back from stan white we had to call them. i am waiting for the electricity to turned off, i am not going to pay for this rental and i expect a full refund. trying to go on vacation to relex, dont need the stress of no water etc... this is rediculous

Rating: Customer service? No, it's not. 7/13/2010
Reviewer: Maria

I have been going to the Outer Banks with my family since 2005, and this year will be our 5th year. I have always used Sun Realty with no problems but this year I had to find a different company because we planned the trip too late to obtain a pet friendly home with them. So I decided to go through Stan White, which was a big mistake. (As a side note, we haven't even gone on vacation yet, our trip is in August.) In regards to payment and what was owed, I was told by one person one thing and when I called back a few days later, I was told something completely different. The second person I talked to said she would have a manager call me back shortly, that was at 2pm but 5pm when their office closes came and went with no call back. It is now 3 days since I expected a call back and still have not received one. I have worked in customer service for 15 years and this is not customer service, if you tell someone that a manager will call you back, you make sure it happens. That and you would think with less people traveling that they would want to keep the people that want to rent with them, but no it appears not. So I have pushed back our vacation by one week to work with a different company that knows what customer service is and I could tell this just by talking with the owner herself for 20mins. All this just so I don't have to Stan White again, and I will never ever consider them ever again and we have never been in one of their rentals!

Rating: Stan White wants your money! 6/28/2010
Reviewer: Bob

They know you will only be there for a week and then gone! We were so disgusted upon arrival, we called the Nags Head office and complained! Two Stan White service people came and collected bedding and pillows that should have been burned instead of contaminating the dump. We insisted they smell the chest of drawers that someone threw up in. We overheard one of the service people report to SW that "that room is nasty". Stan White offered to send cleaning people and carpet cleaning people to clean up the mess. We insisted that we did not wish to spend our vacation house sitting their service personnel. We spent two days cleaning! We've been going to the OBX for 30 years and NO, we will never rent from Stan White again. We did call the health department and complained. They suggested we contact the Visitor's Bureau and complain. We are trying to get the home owner's name of Tignor 1 and contact him directly. Chances are he or she does not even know how Stan White is maintaining the property.

Rating: BEWARE 6/24/2010
Reviewer: nichole

Throughout our communications via email- the cost of our houses and the names were constantly mixed up. Not only did the balances change but there was severe confusion over who’s name the house was in and how much we owed. A few days before we were scheduled to leave, I received an e-mail stating that I had a balance of 64 dollars, after several phone calls, no one could tell me what the money was for or how it got missed. I ended up making a phone payment, hours before our arrival so that I could get the keys to the house..
Once we arrived at our house, “Show me your coconuts”, we found several leaks in the plumbing, buckets under the sink, a poorly working refrigerator But to our surprise, a very nice hot tub which was a new addition. it’s a shame that it didn’t work. We placed several phone calls to the nags head office regarding the issues. None of which were resolved. A few days before we were ready to leave, A construction company was working on the rental behind ours. We had no power, no phone, no cable and CONSTANT noise.
I understand the power outage is out of your hands, however a little notice on the upcoming construction would have swayed our decision to stay elsewhere. That brings me to the second rental, Talley..

My sisters arrived during business hours to get the keys to their rental. I had requested pictures of the inside of the house months before and never received one. The photographs on the internet were VERY misleading. Talley is poorly kept, dirty and we were to say the least, disappointed. After traveling 12 hours, my sisters went to the house, however they couldn’t get in because we were given the wrong keys. Upon a general inspection of the outside of the house, human feces was found along the side of the residence, complete with toilet paper.
I promptly contacted the office and with an hour, a maintenance man was at the house with keys and cleaned up the feces. Whomever the maintenance man was, Thank you, he was wonderful.

Unfortunately, the mad shitter struck again and defecated on the house a second time and my sisters again called for the clean up. The inside of the house was more of a laughing matter. EVERY ITEM in the house was labeled and numbered indicating past thefts or losses. This was more of an insult than anything. If I could guess, I would say that the furniture was circa 1960. The smell was repulsive. I havent seen a dishwasher that hooked up to the sink faucet in years but the 10 minutes of warm water during a shower was plenty for the 6 adults staying there. The decomposing frog in one of the bedrooms was a nice touch. The red ants and hornets nests were also a pleasure to treat. My niece loved the spiders and cobwebs. But that wasn’t the worst. Upon our arrival back home, my sister broke out in a series of red bumps all over her legs. She did seek treatment and was told she was the victim of bed bug bites. The bugs bites can take up to 9 days to break out. She was informed that she obtained the bites at the same time she was at the vacation rental. Shortly thereafter, EVERYONE else in the house broke out in the same rash, they were all sleeping in that house.

I have rented from Stan White for three years. Not only have you lost my business but the business of everyone in my family. I cannot understand how, in today’s economy, A reputable business such as yours would overlook these issues. They may seem small to you but in the light of things, the small things are what impact your business.
We will be contacting the Health Department as well.

Rating: If your a renter beware of Stan White 11/23/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous, OBX

I am a homeowner and enjoyed a 7 year mutual business relationship with Stan White Realty. Due to a less than satisfactory rental year in 2009 we decided to go with another property manager. We alerted the staff at Stan White of this in 9/09 and were told that our contract ran until the end of the year 12/09 however we needed to cancel by 8/17 to avoid paying a $1000 fee. My wife and I were fuming went back to read our contract and sure enough in the small print they had enclosed an addendum which spelled out what the staff member told us. Needless to say, we ceased our agreement and would never ever be associated with such a bunch of crooks like these folks.

Rating: Good agency with limited houses 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Tony

Stan White has served our OBX rental needs for 7 of the last 10 years. They have a decent range of houses, but our larger group (15 to 17) is a bit of a challenge to fit into a house where we want to stay. When we find a house on their site, the service has never been less than outstanding. We never had a check in issue. If the house was ready, we got the key. No standing on an artificial schedule (No keys before 3:30, 4:00 etc). We have also taken advantage of the Early checkin for extra. A nice feature that other agencies are just now beginning to copy. Any maintenance issues have been addressed promptly and never had any follow up. Once we found a broken window on a lower level in a room that we hardly spent any time in (Powder room off of a small game room) on the last day of our rental. I reported it hoping that we would not be held responsible. Not one word was said. I see some bad posts on here. I still recommend that they be considered if you need an OBX vacation.

Rating: Best Company around!!! 9/24/2009
Reviewer: Louise B.

We rented from Stan White Realty for our summer vacation this year, and after traveling the world this is by far one of the best realty companies. The staff was kind and knowledgable about the area and homes, and even went out of their way to accomodate us with our special needs. Everyone at the office was friendly and we couldn't have been treated better. The home was clean and obviously well kept by the owners. They are lucky to have a company like Stan White managing their home. We will be back every year!!!!

Rating: Re-rental of Property 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Barbara Harvey

My niece rented a house from Stan White but realized her husband could not get off from work. She called the office to cancel the lease and was told they were still responsible for the fees but Stan White's office would re-rent it. According to the office it is re-rented, taken off of the market but guess money received. Therefore, my niece is out of the rent which adds to around 1600.00 and the house is showing "not available", therefore, not to be re-rented! Stan White sure doesn't comply with their own agreement. I would recommend renting from Sun Realty where they don't have fees and stick to their agreements.

Rating: Not best on the beach 7/14/2009
Reviewer: Deb

We used the e-sign option to pay for our vacation rental to avoid the credit card fee. I got an email back that everything was good to go. After the payment wasn't deducted from our account, I called to check. I was told the info hadn't gone through despite what my email said. They resent the form for me to e-sign again. After two more days of phone calls, I was told it was too late for that method of payment and I would have to use a credit card to pay plus the $30 fee for doing such. I showed them copies of the emails involved to no avail. Our vacation started with an unexpected and unwanted $30 fee. The first night in the house we had no hot water. When we called the office we were told to check the circuit breaker first. That was ok so the maintenance man came and fixed it or so we thought. Every day only two or three people got hot showers. The outside of the house needed painted but that is cosmetic. The fact that almost all of the silverware in the house was rusty is not cosmetic. We will not be renting from Stan White again.

Rating: Not best on the beach 7/14/2009
Reviewer: Deb

We used the esign option to pay for our vacation rental to avoid the credit card fee. I got an email back that everything was good to go. After the payment wasn't deducted from our account, I called to check. I was told the info hadn't gone through despite what my email said. They resent the form for me to esign again. After two more days of phone calls, I was told it was too late for that method of payment and I would have to use a credit card to pay plus the $30 fee for doing such. I showed them copies of the emails involved to no avail. Our vacation started with an unexpected and unwanted $30 fee. The first night in the house we had no hot water. When we called the office we were told to check the circuit breaker first. That was ok so the maintenance man came and fixed it or so we thought. Every day only two or three people got hot showers. The outside of the house needed painted but that is cosmetic. The fact that almost all of the silverware in the house was rusty is not cosmetic. We will not be renting from Stan White again.

Rating: Cap O'Dunes rental- Corolla 7/2/2009
Reviewer: Linda Lane

This was our family's second time renting with Stan White. And while the first home was fair, this one was extremely disappointing for the money we paid. When we first got to the home, we noted the outside stain on the home was faded and peeling, and should have been redone years ago. The key only fit into one of three outside doors. Three of the six bedroom closet doors fell off the track or were off the tracks. Two of the three sliding screen doors fell off the tracks and had to be removed by maintenance. The toilet overflowed one day. The bathroom wall had a large hole in it. One of the bathrooms had to large tears in the vinyl. The rack of the dishwasher did not slide out because two of the wheels were broken/missing. The main room carpeting had food throughout it and I had to have someone come back the first day to vacuum. I found food under the bed and chairs outside of the kitchen/dining area. There was large amounts of a dried white substance on two of the bedspreads (I could only imagine what bodily fluids that might be!). Multiple lights both inside and outside did not work.

When I called to complain they did have a maintenace man come out. He removed the 2 screen doors, hung 2 of the 3 closet doors and replaced some of the light bulbs. On day 5 of our vacation, the office called to say the owner had authorized the carpets to be cleaned. I told them I had 14 in the home and that was the day of my daughter's wedding rehersal with the wedding the following day. There was no way the carpets could be cleaned then. It was something that should have been done when the building was not occupied.

Stan White Realty should have been aware of the majority of my complaints before I got there. They were very obvious. This was not what I was expecting for $2700 for one week. I expected at least clean and safe. I got neither. And when I complained again at check out, all I received was a "I'm sorry to hear that. Have a nice trip." I will never book thru Stan White again and will discourage others from doing so. The houses they rent should be of a higher standard or let the renter know ahead of time that it is far from a luxury home. And the funny part of all this? The vacation planner book from the company lists this home as an "Special Events Home."

Rating: Ruined a relaxing vacation 6/28/2009
Reviewer: Marianne Heekin

After staying in the Duck Inn in the Outerbanks for a week with my family and in-laws, we were disappointed to receive a call before we even returned home on our machine saying they were holding our security because they found a broken light bulb. I would love to explain to them that we did not have any problems with any light bulbs while we were there and have no idea what they are talking to but it seems Chris who previously left me the message is too busy to return any of my calls. If any of us broke a light bulb I can promise we would've replaced it immediately and not just left it like it has been suggested we did. I'm scratching my head that a broken lightbulb constitutes loosing a $500 dollar security deposit! Even more I am taken aback to say the least that after spending $4000 for a week in a very old and rundown house they can have the audacity to bust my chops over a broken lightbulb?!?! After observing a very empty week in Duck with most of the other rental houses on our block empty, it seems they are doing whatever they can to make a few extra bucks off their renters. Not only will I be calling the Better Business Bureau but I will not be using Stan White next year when we return.

Rating: Ripped off 5/1/2009
Reviewer: Howard

Stan white Realty is by far the worst real estate company to deal with on the outer banks. We unfotunately rented one of the nastiest houses I have ever stayed in. Frankfort Cottage It made me ill for two weeks until we were evacuated because the house was self destructing.Extensive Mold everywhere,fire, sparks from electrical, raw sewage rat feces in heat system. Stan whites Broker was rude and treated us like low life garbage. No response to dozens of calls. Avoid these people at all cost. We have now retained counsel.

Rating: Best of the Beach? No longer 9/6/2008
Reviewer: Paul Austin

Best of the Beach? No longer - I guess the now ex-number one tends to get very complacent about customers.

I rented the house "Amber Nights" in South Nags Head through Stan White Realty, for a week this summer, as we have done for most of the past decade. It was nice to get my family back together. My newlywed son and wife made do by moving a twin bed next to its mate, however, a distance of maybe two feet. Apparently this was a gross breach of the rental contract, especially since they failed to move it back to the original position and I didn't notice it being out of its prescribed position. The realtor informed us that the cleaning lady has a torn ACL and did not think she should move it back, so they dispatched a maintenance service to do so, for a $60 charge - nice profit for ~10 seconds work. They then called me to inform me that they were billing the $60 to my credit charge, but neglected to mention that they do this through a service that charges an additional $29.95 for the privilege. When I asked why they weren't billing the insurance that they pretty much mandate and they said "because there were no damages". Funny, they didn't offer us any discounts for the broken dishwasher, dryer, and wifi that were part of the rental. $90 seems a bit much for ~10 seconds worth of work - so I called the billing service, and at their request my credit card company and de-authorized the payment. I also had my bank send a check for $60 and my incensed wife wrote an email to Stan White (still no reply). I thought that that would be the end of it, and that I might select future rentals from one of the numerous other realties, since Stan White obviously does not like customers with good long term rental histories. I doubt that the house owner would be too pleased either.

Then I got my un-cashed check back with a statement showing a zero balance. Could it be that they came to their senses and waived the fee? Alas, no they showed a credit from the credit billing agency, so I had to call the realtor yet again to straighten it out. Then the real nastiness began. A "manager" told me that they don't accept personal checks for "deposit" bills and that I had to use the credit card and pay the fee. MasterCard had told me that the fee was outrageous and probably against their contract which I mentioned to the manager, who assured me that ripping off their customers is all perfectly legal. I mentioned that it was a bank check I sent them so she told me to calm down. (I was nearly yelling because it was the only way to get a word in edgewise - the manager was totally uninterested in anything I had to say). I told her that I had de-authorized the payment and she indicated that was fine they would dispute it with MasterCard. I asked for Stan White, and was told he was unavailable. I asked for her boss, but she was on the phone - would I like to be called back? I said I'll expect the call this morning, she said it will be when the boss finds it convenient.

I don’t know yet how the story ends. Will reason prevail? It seems unlikely. Will they accept a bank check for $60? Is a history of more that $25,000 in rental business worth waiving a ridiculous $60 fee? Is the highly biased contract worth signing ever again? Does the owner want their house to go unrented? The only good I can see coming of this is perhaps sparing someone else the hassle, so OBX renters beware.

Rating: obx june 05 6/25/2005
Reviewer: Dan Williams

Office staff knowledgable and helpful. Had one minor maintenance issue that had a very quick response (turned out to not be a maintenace issue). The house itself was perfect for our family. I would recommend Stan White

Rating: Great customer service 3/11/2005
Reviewer: Paula

We've rented from Stan White for several years. They are always friendly and easy to deal with. The condo we stay in is wonderfully furnished & beautiful. I would highly recommend this rental agency.

Rating: top notch 12/1/2004
Reviewer: murfdog

Stan White is always our first stop when looking for rentals. We have used others, but that was only after checking to see what Stan WHite had to offer

Rating: Stan White Realty treated us like kings! 10/11/2004
Reviewer: Jim Adams

Their express check-in and customer service is unsurpassed. My family was greeted with open arms and the next day they even called to see if we were enjoying our stay. We felt like kings!

Rating: Went above and beyond! 8/15/2004
Reviewer: Kara

Stan White was AWESOME to work with! We got an early check-in and the house was VERY clean. Not only that, but we got there earlier than the check-in time (to beat traffic) and they gave us the key to the house after we signed a contract to say we wouldn't go in until check-in time. This saved us from having to go BACK to their office!!! It was a GREAT touch! They were easy to work with, answered all questions promptly and rented us a GREAT house!

Rating: Great House! 6/15/2004
Reviewer: Anot

We had a very good experiance with them the house was better then described!! Would rent from them again!

Rating: South Nags Head 5/10/2004
Reviewer: Ken

We used Stan White to rent a three bedroom house and were very pleased with the service. Our only complaint was the house could have used a little more cleaning. There was a lot of dust and dirt hinding in different spots. Overall, I would recommend them.