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1245 Duck Road
Duck, NC 27949


Experience what "Blue Ribbon Service" is all about when you rent your next vacation rental from Outer Banks Blue Realty Services! Sheets and towels included on ALL rentals at no extra charge. Check in by mail program that allows you to drive straight to your house. Only the finest selection of vacation rentals from Corolla to Nags Head, and an experienced staff of professionals dedicated to making your vacation trouble free!

Visit our easy to use website (www.outerbanksblue.com) to view your next vacation rental and find out why we say Outer Banks Blue is the vacation rental firm where customer service NEVER goes on vacation!

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Rating: Stay away!! 8/23/2020
Reviewer: AmyT

First I would like to say that we have been coming to OBX for at least 15 years. We have used multiple rental companies over those years and have had no issues. This is the first time we have used Outer Banks Blue and it will definitely be the last. We were very happy at the video that was sent out describing the increased cleaning that would be done prior to our arrival due to Covid. It certainly eased our minds.....however this is not what we walked into at our rental, WH046. It had not even been cleaned.....there was new linen sitting right inside the door, but nothing had been cleaned. I immediately called and was told that they had until 6 to clean, per the lease. A crew of 4 finally came at 4:45 to clean and eight bedroom, eight full, 2 half bathrooms!! They left at 6:00 and hadn’t touched most things. My stepdaughter went around and cleaned everything again....wiping down everything with Clorox wipes. The upstairs bedroom never even had a top sheet put on it and it had what looked like a urine stain on the bed skirt. They never even touched the outside bar area around the pool. The outdoor bathroom was absolutely disgusting.
That was just the beginning. The house itself left a lot to be desired. The “fake drawer” under the sink didn’t have a piece over it....it was wide open with red tape over it. The two dishwashers had broken wine glasses in them and also broken glass in the bottom of them. The outside screen room had broken screen and the screens for the house were left in it and not even put on the house. There was a bowl with white paint and paintbrush just left sitting on the deck. All of the chairs around the pool bar were broken, as well as 2 bar stools upstairs, and 2 dining room chairs. The drain for the kiddie pool and the main pool were wide open pipes (no drain covers over them) so little hands could definitely get in and possibly get stuck in them. We had one year old twins at the house and had to be extra vigilant if they were near that area. I made sure I let Terry know this and it went in one ear and out the other. He seemed to have no care when there needed to be a fix for safety reasons.
Neither of the outdoor showers worked (they did come and fix these during the week). Three of the tubs were backed up and had water up to your shins....this also was fixed during the week. We also saw a few cockroaches in the upstairs bedroom, next to the kitchen. We actually fixed one problem for them....the dryer was not drying clothing very well and we also smelled something hot. It ended up that the vent was kinked and was filled with lint. We’re lucky that there wasn’t a fire. There were multiple other issues with the house.
I did speak to Terry during the week and as others have stated he told me to send him an email after we were home as to the issues. I sent this and received an email back that they like to provide “service, not refunds”. So, really we received neither. It took over a month to receive an email back that they would give us a $300 credit toward another rental. I had already told him that we would never use their company again.
If you are looking at using this company, please look at others. They will most definitely have much better service and care about their customers health and safety.

Rating: Outer banks blue 10/30/2017
Reviewer: Beachy in the Valley

We used outer banks blue for our October vacation. It was easy to book with them. We had a question prior to making the reservation and they took care of it in a timely manner. We loved not having to pay a separate dog fee. They were quick to get us our reservation information. We loved knowing that at 4pm we could access our house with the keyless entry. Our beds were made and towels were provided. The starter pack had small soap bars for all sinks and toilet paper for all bathrooms. And a dog bowl too! The house was clean and they texted to ask if we needed anything. I will be using them again if we find a house we like for that particular week.

Rating: Outer Banks Blue very hard to work with 7/16/2013
Reviewer: jenc38512

"Aweigh from it All" Corolla, NC
This property itself has a great location and features. The service we received from the rental company Outer Banks Blue was less than poor, it was awful. When we arrived at the property we were about 45 minutes early to check in, I called and they told me that there wasn't anything they could do that we would just have to "hang out, outside" until our code worked. When we did get in the first floor toilet was not working. My husband who is not a plumber, looked inside the lid and said it was a simple fix. We called the rental company right away, on Saturday they sent someone out, he said they were going to have to call a plumber. We also told him about a few lightbulbs that were out outside, he didn't have anything with him and had to return later that evening, came back and didn't have enough light bulbs, said that the owner didn't care about the property, he had made a list that was ignored. Sunday - no plumber. I emailed the owner he had someone call me. They did, said we would be first on the list Monday morning....Monday 1:30pm still no plumber, no toilet....emailed the owner again. Finally someone came out fixed the toilet around 5pm Monday night. The first guy never did return to take care of all the light bulbs outside...Wednesday we are out at the pool and we smell something horrible...a septic pipe has burst and is overflowing into the street right in front of the pool...we then had to deal with a pump tank, back hoe and a bunch of men out by the pool for an entire day. I contacted the rental company upon our return about a refund for all our trouble, Bill at the rental company said sorry you are out of luck, we fixed your problems....doesn't matter to them that they were not fixed in a timely manner or that we were not satisfied. I let the owner know, but I warn you if he is still using Outer Banks Blue realty I would NOT RENT!!

Rating: Bogey beach house 1/7/2013
Reviewer: elig

My son, myself and few others rented the Double Bogey Beach house.The name of the property has been changed.The property itself was nice.
However what was agreed to and is advertised on the Blue's property web site did not work upon arrival. After contacting the management company about the issue's. The services were never available all weekend The internet and TV service was turned off. We could get internet on a wireless from one of the neighboring homes, tho it was a secure network and UN-useable to us.
After the trip and many attempts to work something out with the rental company a dispute was put in to the credit card company. We received a response today with a letter stating the rental company has no control over the responsiveness of a public utility and that there was a cable outage. Anyone ever heard of an outage to just one house. The service was turned off, due to the end of the season it seems.
THIS WAS NOT AN ACT OF GOD. We did not rent the property from the cable provider. Blue reality should have credited an amount of the rental fee. Instead of making excuses,If Blue reality wants to blame the dog for eating their homework that's fine. It is not the renters responsibility for the utilities promised in the lease and on the web site. It turned out to be false advertising by excuse. And to call the renters ludicrous in there notion a refund is due should raise a red flag to anyone renting for the Blue reality in Kitty Hawk NC. There are allot of company's and property's to rent from in the outer Banks. We are personally going to recommend anyone but Blue Reality. By the way if you are going fishing we recommend the Country Girl Charter boat they were fantastic and delivered what they advertised.

Rating: poor costumer service-heated pool doesn't work well!!! 10/17/2012
Reviewer: jennly777

We used Outer Banks Blue this past September for renting a house in Nags Head. It was our first time to the area and first experience with renting a house through a company. And I must say, I will NOT rent again with Outer Banks Blue. The reason we choose to go with the company in the first place was because we found a house on their site that had a solar heated pool. When we arrived at the house, within an hour, the pool guy arrived to tell us the solar pool was not working and someone would be out to fix it the next day.
The next day, I came back from the beach early only to find a solar pool service man waiting for me to let him in the house. I had no idea who he was and did not want a strange man in the house with all our belongings. He didn't know what he was supposed to fix or where the problem was. When I called the company, they didn't know he was coming either and I spent about an hour or two figuring it out with the guy and thus had to stay at the house with him. The company offered no apology and this was not how I wanted to spend my afternoon!
The next day the pool guy came and stated there was a leak in the pool so he was going to fill it with a hose. He then asked us to check on the leak and let him know if it was getting better. Again, not what I wanted to be doing on my vacation. The water he was filling the pool with was cold so the pool was then freezing the entire rest of the vacation.
However, the worst part was the costumer service regarding the issue. The women who set you up with the rentals and answer the phones are very nice, but once there is a problem and you need someone to help you, there is no one! I left 3 messages for someone named Patrick and did not receive one call back. I did get an email telling me there was nothing he could do of which I then called him to discuss the details and received no call back.
I will go back to Nags head but WILL NOT USE Outer Banks Blue. There are many other companies with better service to give me money to.

Rating: Hakuna Matata 9/6/2012
Reviewer: Pmoran

This is the worst company to rent from. I have had no response to our issues. The house was dirty and had beer bottles all over the outside. the house was infested with spiders,two of the kids got bits the first night. Called and Called.They did not do anything for three days and then say oh well. BS, i will write all kinds of bad reviews about this company. I have written a letter to the BBB and the Health Dept. about them. To the owner of this house, They are not doing you ant good.
A very angree renter

Rating: mornign sun 2009 4/14/2010
Reviewer: mnhenderson

This company was horrible,and we will never rent from them again.They failed to address most of our concerns and the one thing they did address was fixed incorrectly.They house had electrical issues,that fried an expensive charger,and even though they addmited the problem,told us tough luck on our loss.the house was run dow and dirty. It also had a bug issue and a broken outdoor shower.The company was very unresponsive,and somehoe "lost" my comments,so they did not get posted on the website.Be forewarned.

Rating: Outer Banks Blue Owner LOVES OBBLUE! 10/7/2008
Reviewer: Diane

We've had our house, ALL INN, listed with Outer Banks Blue for 2 years. Their service and personal attention have been great and our renters have been very happy with the cleanliness of our home and the service OBBLUE provides. OBBLUE's office is now in Kitty Hawk, rather than Duck, but with their keyless entry system you may never need to even go to their office when you rent with them!

Rating: Robins nest in Pine Island 4/7/2008
Reviewer: Micelle

We used OBX Blue for 3 years and keep coming back.  They have great homes.  Rented Robins Nest in Pine island and it has everything.  Owner thought of everything and OBX Blue keeps it up to snuff.  Great off season value and free heated pool in September and October.