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41156 NC Highway 12
Avon, NC 27915


With the largest selection of Hatteras Island beach vacation homes perched in the best locations, Hatteras Realty has the right beach vacation home at the right price for your budget!

Whether you are lured by the world class fishing or the east coast's best beaches, Hatteras Island has plenty to offer: beach-combing, swimming, kiteboarding, and fishing exist around nearly every corner. Cast your sights on over 70 miles of pristine Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Hatteras Island is simply a one of a kind place and Hatteras Realty is a one of a kind Outer Banks vacation rental company.

Need a shorter getaway? Many of our homes and condos accept partial week bookings. Check for availability and give our Reservations staff a call to book or get more information 800-428-8372.

Our three convenient, full service offices in Hatteras, Avon, and Waves are staffed with eager and knowledgeable Hatteras Realty professionals seven days a week. PLUS Every Hatteras Realty vacation includes our famous Club Hatteras amenities package of heated Jr. Olympic pool with bath house, tennis courts, putting green and playground at no additional charge.

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Rating: Wow! Rates have reallly increased for 2020! 10/17/2019
Reviewer: jdj1991

I am doing some searching and could not believe how high the rates are with this company compared to others on Hatteras Island. What gives Hatteras Realty?

Rating: Another dependable company. 10/23/2017
Reviewer: obxmini

Although it has been quite a few years since we've used Hatteras Realty, they were very responsive and good when we did. Sometimes over the years houses change agencies. Our favorite ever ocean front in Frisco is one of their listings. I wouldn't hesitate for a nanosecond to rent from them.

Rating: Completely Satisfied 10/22/2017
Reviewer: friscofisher

My first impression of Hatteras Realty occurred when I pulled into their Avon office, late one day, to pick up a rental listing brochure. Their office was closed. As I pulled in, the last employee was just pulling out of their lot. To my surprise, she turned around and came back to ask me if I needed help. I was shocked but so impressed that she cared enough to return and find out if I had a problem. We rented through Hatteras Realty for the next year and for the three years since. They have excellent customer service. We appreciate being able to chose their early check in. Our rentals have always been clean and well maintained. They even send texts the day before to remind you that garbage pick up is the next day. We also appreciate how they keep us informed. If I could give stars, I would.

Rating: Hatteras Realty is Horrible 12/30/2014
Reviewer: leetringes

I rented a home named Bay Breeze in September of 2014. Suffice it to say their was a very long laundry list of problems with the house. The house had black mold in it, the deck furniture was broken, there were bugs throughout the house, the latches to the pool were broken, shingles were falling off of the house, the front door kept blowing open, the elevator stopped working, the pool heater stopped working, and on and on. Not to mention that the cleanliness of the house when we arrived was terrible.

The important thing to point out is that one week every year my family rents a home in the Outer Banks and it is a very special time for all of us. This year was our first time renting with Hatteras Realty and it will be the last. My biggest problem with them is actually how they handled the situation. Yes, all of the problems that I listed and more that I didn't were really bad and really killed the relaxation of the vacation but had they dealt with them properly, I wouldn't be on here complaining as much.

Pretty much every day I had to call and complain about an issue that seemed to happen at a steady pace throughout the vacation. Each time they assured me that someone would come over and someone would be calling to discuss it. Well, it took multiple days for anyone to show up for anything and mostly everything went unresolved. What's worse, when I talked to management about it they denied everything and said that they took care of things and I wouldn't let them fix stuff. It was one thing to have so many issues that could have been prevented had they taken care of the place, another to not have them resolved and spend so much of my vacation communicating with Hatteras about the issues begging them to fix things, but what I really can't swallow is the denial, and then them placing blame on me saying that I didn't contact them about everything and wouldn't let them fix things. I made at least 6 calls to them on what was supposed to be my vacation that they have somewhat of a monopoly on the market in Avon and some other areas of OBX and people love to go there so they have no choice but to rent from these people. and they couldn't even own up to it, let alone try to make it right.

Wow, how does a place like this stay in business? I'll tell you the unfortunate fact is that they have most of the homes in areas such as Avon where I rented and since people like me love the area so much there is little choice in the matter. Think about a vacation with everything going wrong, broken, black mold in the house you rent and the business you rented from doesn't fix it and blames you. Think twice about renting from them, please.

Rating: Consistently Excellent Customer Service 11/18/2014
Reviewer: newfdad

We've rented from Hatteras Realty at least 8 times over the last 15 years. The few minor issues fixed almost instantly. Nice place to hang out if you have to wait (pool). As a 32 year airline customer service rep, I know customer service and Hatteras Realty does also.

Rating: Quick, Prompt and Effective 6/28/2012
Reviewer: jdj1991

We rented a house through Hatteras Realty last year that literally was closed on the Friday before our check-in. We arrived to no cable, no internet, no phone, several ceiling fans not functioning, and a pool leaking several hundred gallons of water daiy. One phone call on turnover day and Hatteras Realty was there to give us phone and cable - internet would have to wait but they reminded us they had wi-fi at the location. The pool crack would require conversation with the new owners but a "band-aid" on the situation kept us from returning daily with about 8 inches less water. Hatteras Realty was friendly, restored all they could without owner attention immediately and explained the whole situation to us. They were great and we've rented from them again this year and will continue to do so. Great customer service, great attitudes, friendy staff!

Rating: Very Happy 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

We've rented from Hatteras Realty twice and have been very happy both times. Our only disappointment has been the long lines for check in. I kinda wish there was an easier way to get in and out of there (maybe an Express Lane like Food Lion! hee hee). But they are very good at what they do and the staff has always been super nice.

Rating: The best! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Pittsburgh Gal

Hatteras Realty is the only rental company we have used. 1 year, elevator was not working. Had a repairman there in 10 minutes. This year air conditioner stopped working on LABOR DAY! I no sooner hung up the phone and there was a repair truck in our driveway. LOVE Hatteras Realty!

Rating: Great Rental Agency 9/28/2009
Reviewer: steveo270

We used HR several times in the past. The staff was always willing to help (even if occasionally frazzled) and they always handled any house issues quickly and efficiently. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Rating: Class act 9/28/2009
Reviewer: JB

As a former rental homeowner who used HR, we can say that they are a class act.

Rating: Good Service 9/28/2009
Reviewer: G Gray

Since we live in Avon we don't use Hatteras Realty as an agent, but we have had guests that needed to send a fax, or had family members that needed a rental that we have referred to them. Guests have complimented how well they were treated by the staff.

Rating: Terrific Service 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Nina

I've only rented once through Hatteras thus far. They have great communications and friendly service. The house I rented was terrific & there were no issues with it.

However, their $90 up-front nonrefundable fee per pet is high. The $180 fee (plus tax) I paid is the reason I won't be renting from Hatteras Realty again.

Rating: Best of the Best! 3/21/2005
Reviewer: Erick McGraw

I have been using Hatteras Realty for over 15 years for my rentals at Hatteras. We mostly stay in Avon. The staff are the "Creme del la Creme" as they go above and beyond their call of duty to make your week the best week for the year. If I ever have to miss a year of vacation at Hatteras, I miss the smiles at Hatteras Realty. You've got to experience their services. (I'm not paid in any way to post this. Just my own personal belief!)

Rating: We had a Great "Family" Vacation. Thanks HR 3/16/2005
Reviewer: Rick Hacker

We planned our first "family" vacation through Hatteras Realty. We came from all over to meet at "Somethin Fishy". We had the time of our lives. HR was excellent to work with. They were friendly and very helpful. The thing I was most impressed with was it took 30 seconds to check in and we didn't hear from them again till the day we checked out. The house was in outstanding condition. We are already looking at 2006 for our next trip. The ones who didn't make it to 2005 are jealous and won't miss out on 2006. Thanks HR for all of your assistance.

Rating: Best in the Outer Banks 4/30/2004
Reviewer: Leon

Overall the best rental company we have used. We rented from them in 2003 and have already reserved ours for 2004. Friendly staff addresses concerns promptly. Excellent web site. Reasonable terms and prices.

Rating: great 3/16/2004
Reviewer: mah

I have used them several times and never had a problem. They have always responded promptly and lived up to my expectations.

Rating: A sure bet 11/28/2003
Reviewer: Seadog

Have never used anyone else in our 12 years of coming to Hatteras Island but Hatteras Realty. We actually have looked at other company's brochures, but figure why mess with a good thing. They have a great selection of houses, easy to use website, quick check-in, fast service if there is problem --- and their pool guy is a wealth of info if you want to know anything about Hatteras Island and the OBX.

The nicest thing about HR is the people that run it and work there. The agents are so helpful and friendly and Stewart Couch, the owner, is a great guy. If you email with a question or a problem, response is prompt -- even from Mr. Couch himself, and that means a lot to us.

Only complaint is that their processing fee is high ($75), but I can't compare it to others, obviously because we have never used anyone else.

However, they are constantly adding improvements -- their pool/tennis complex for HR renters is beautiful.

HR cares about its customers and takes care of them. I recommend them highly.

Rating: A couple of complaints.. 11/18/2003
Reviewer: Renee

I hate the fact that a house is 595 during the off season and jumps up to 995 the week of Thanksgiving or the week after Christmas. I know- supply and demand! But it really sucks for those of us with school age kids who can only go those holiday weeks.

Also- I do think they are probably the more expensive of the "Big 3", but they have a huge selection and some good specials. Also, if you are into that sort of thing, they have a big pool and club house.

Rating: top shelf service and homes 11/7/2003
Reviewer: lance

we have used Hatterasrealty.com for many years and they always treat us right. the house is just as described in the nice rental book, and the staff is always ready to help. anytime we have encountered a problem with our house they are quick to fix it,a day after dennis left we arrived at our house to a pool with 6 inches of sand it and a sandy hot tub,, we go shopping for 2 hours, come back and both pool and ht are ready to go.... thats how they work, i have full confidence in them and you should too,,,,,just don't rent MY house!!!!