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40197 Bonito Road
Avon, NC 27915

Cape Hatteras cottage rental vacations on North Carolina's Outer Banks are truly unique. Colony Realty has specialized in Cape Hatteras family vacations, reasonably priced, for over 34 years. It's not easy to find that today. You'll find that here...miles of unspoiled beaches, great year-round fishing, absence of fast food, quiet walks, and the simple enjoyment of your family.

Bring your expectations, a desire for a different vacation experience and a willingness to try some fun stuff, and let Colony Realty provide the vacation rental accommodations that enable you to make your dream come true. Try it and see. Leave the office, and all the other trappings of your world, and come to ours. You'll not want to leave when your Hatteras vacation is done.and, you'll be back.

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Rating: Small Company Gets Customer Service Right! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

We rented from Colony for the first time last year. The house we usually rent had moved from Hatteras Realty to Colony. We were apprensive at first as they didn't have the fancy website and large portfolio like Hatteras. But we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The house was ready by 1:00 or 2:00. When we walked into the office we were the very next in line. I said "Hi we're here to check into "insert name of home here". The gentleman at the desk said, "Well then you must be Mr. and Mrs. Junebug (insert our last name here). He asked us how our drive had been from Alexandria and recommended a few new restaurants. The house was perfect (as usual), but we couldn't get over the great customer service. The folks at hatteras are great too, but the experience there is much more of a cattle call.

Rating: beach front 9/16/2009
Reviewer: unknown

this is the worst place we have ever stayed, house dirty not anything like the pictures they show on internet...was suppose to be ocean front- you had a mountain to climb to get to ocean..

Rating: "Get Out" 9/1/2007
Reviewer: Harold T

In reply to thr guy from Boston, I have been staying with that company for 30 years-I have always received the best of service, so if you were told to get out, you ere a "pain in the ass"

Rating: Can't wait to return 9/1/2007
Reviewer: John

Just checked out of Colony Realty. Small company but great people.

Rating: Awesome Company 9/1/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Stone

I stayed with this company for the first time. Everyone was awesome. The staff was very nice and accomodating. I will stay with this company again-the house was very clean-friendliest company yet

Rating: terrible service, missing amenities 7/9/2007
Reviewer: Greg

Colony Realty is the worst weekly vacation agency I have ever used. Ad claimed there were two TVs, a DVD player and a CD player. We did not get cable until the last day, the CD player was broke, and they only brought a DVD player over after I complained. When I checked out, another renter was complaining of their septic tank overflowing for 4 days. When I expressed my displeasure, the manager screamed that I was "a pain in the ass" (I asked them to fix the cable or someohow compensate me), and when I asked if she had heard that the customer came first, she said "no they don't."

Rating: Good Staff - So, So houses 3/31/2005
Reviewer: OBXer

Used Colony for quite a while, but switched realty companies a couple years ago due to the condition of the homes. I found that other realtors charge the same or less for much better kept homes with more amenities. The staff have always been super friendly though. No problems there.