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Rating: Bed Bugs!!! 2/15/2008
Reviewer: K

We had stayed here many times before but the last visit we had with them was one I wish to forget.We got there Fri night and had a room that was way to small.So we switched rooms the next day and when I came home I had Bed Bug Bites all over.I emailed the motel and told her what happened,her reply was they had just did spring cleaning (why spring clean in winter?) and that I must have got my bites and itching else where.I had stayed nowhere else except my own bed.Then I called to cancel our rooms with them for the following weekend and was told I would be charged 1 night for each room.Why would I want to go back after I received Bed Bug Bites from this motel? If the owner is hurting that bad for money I guess she should take it.All I know is that we will not stay here ever again.We were in rooms 8 and then 107.I have learned to always check the beds out before you sleep on them.

Rating: Great Family Motel 7/30/2006
Reviewer: Sharon

Our experience here was perfect. We stayed in one of the houses about a mile from the ocean and I loved it! It had a little sceened in area that when we walked out every morning, greeted us with the wonderful smells of the spring blooms. What a way to start the day. Will definitely come here again.!

Rating: Awesome stay at Outer Banks Motel 10/22/2005
Reviewer: Vanessa Davis

My first experience of the ocean was one I will never forget - I stayed a the Outer Banks Motel for a weekend. All night I left the window open and listened to the waves crashing against the shore, and when I got up in the morning I walked outside over wooden planks covered in shells and sand, right outside my door facing the ocean! I loved it and plan to return often - the service was awesome but not bothersome - room was clean , and the kitchen was ready for me to bring just the food - everything else was provided. What a memorable experience - thanks to the owners of the Outer Banks Motel!