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2028 S. Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

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Rating: Great for young people 7/26/2010
Reviewer: mltma

If you are a mature adult, that cares about respect as a human being for others as well as yourself, then......... this place is not for you!! This place will put a roof over your head, and that is all I can find positive to say about it.

I am 40yo male, that can withstand absolutely terrible conditions without complaining. But since I brought a family to feel safe and healthy by the end of the vacation. I cannot guarantee that your family will come home without some 'innocence' lost.

Our room: had cat urine within two feet of the door. (still wet), and smell permeated the room.
Allowed to move to a second room, and microwave was not cleaned for months, bathroom tiles were growing mold, and air conditioning unit, that was in the wall, had noticeable gaps in between, which seemed to allow a family of fruit flies to inhabit the room.

Next door neighbors were a pack of what they probably referred themselves as, bohemian surfer dudes, were enjoying a video on gnarly wave catching. I only know this, because you could hear everything that they said, between the (whoaaaa!! and duuuude!!)

Although there is a phone, the buttons did not depress, upon closer inspection, the phones are not real.

Summary (as if you need more from me): if you are a twenty-something year old with low income, or proudly refer yourself as a 'redneck', 'trash', or have a basic disregard for your own safety. THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!!

Rating: ebb tide is fine 8/8/2004
Reviewer: drdap

Ebb Tide had a nice, clean facility. Nothing fancy, but we didn't go to stay and enjoy the hotel all day. Price was right. Even has a pool. Just across the road from the beach.

Rating: Hmmmmmmmm 11/11/2003
Reviewer: jill

We were renting a house....not avaliable until day 2 of vacation. Stayed at Ebb Tide......Looked like dirt and ink prints on the walls and hair in the tub....Not pleased!!!!!!!!! Glad I only had to stay one night!