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1817 Oregon Inlet Road (MP 16.5)
Nags Head, NC Nags Head

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Rating: Ayu 7/12/2012
Reviewer: Ayu

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Rating: Never again! 11/28/2008
Reviewer: Junebug

One word.......ugh! This motel was WAY overpriced for what you get. We stayed for one night ($160!) in July 2008 before heading to our weekly rental in Avon. The room was dingy. I didn't know you could cram two double beds into such a small space. Our mini fridge smelled like rotten shrimp and everything in our small cramped bathroom was covered in sand. The bath towels were stained, scratchy, and threadbare. We only stayed here because the Traveler's Inn Motor Lodge was already booked up. We'll never make that mistake again.

Rating: This is where it all started 1/10/2008
Reviewer: Kim

This is the second place my bf and I stayed at when we took our first trip to Buxton.1st place was on the beach at The Point.The start of a great future for us started in Buxton.Room was nice,great view...very nice place.This will probaly be where we will come back to celebrate our next anniversary..

Rating: Love the Dolphin 1/9/2008
Reviewer: beachbum98_98

We've spent our summer vacation at the Dolphin Motel the past two years and will vacation there again this year. Pet friendly, wonderful staff, clean rooms, and reasonable weekly rates. We've never had a problem with doggy deposits left on the beach or loud barking dogs.

Rating: dolphin motel 9/12/2007
Reviewer: james landers

expensive but worth it .nice and friendly staff well maintained rooms and I liked the porch area . the only thing I did not like was the pet problems with the dogs using the beach as a bath room watch were your step .other than that I would stay again

Rating: Never again! 9/10/2005
Reviewer: Anot

Expensive, tiny, and loud barking dog in the next room. It was ocean front, no shower to rinse off when you come out of the ocean. It was clean.