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I can attest to the abandoned tank scam in NJ but it was an abandoned oil tank, removing those suckers cost big bucks, big.The cost is not the removal of the tank but "soil remediation" that's where the money is. Such a scam. It happened to us when we went to sell our home. Surprise surprise all the previous buyers and sellers never discovered it because it was not a problem until some idiot decided it was. We were lucky that the oil tank was properly abandoned-filled with sand I think, but still cost us 6000.00 to remove it and that was 20 years ago, I can't imagine what it costs now. Our friends were not so lucky and it cost them 40,000 to remove a tank and soil remediation. The radon and asbestos business was dying down so in NJ they moved to abandoned oil tanks to scam people. Still bitter but still love NJ.


It's really not a scam, expensive? Yes. Insitu burning (to get all the critters/carcinogens out of the soil) IS expensive; but the margin really isn't all that great, so folks aren't really profiting to the extent one might think. A body really doesn't want to be ingesting petrol/distillates in their drinking water. And, as we learn more and more and testing becomes more and more "sensitive" we are discovering even more "critters". The relatively new PFOS/PFOA debacle being just one.

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