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Resources For Diabetics On OBX ???????????

By: NCSU Dad
6/7/2017 2:16 PM

The short story: I (age 62) am at the borderline of Type 2 diabetes. I have a strong family history of diabetes. My doctor is monitoring my A1C.

Yesterday I saw OBX Hospital was offering a 30 minute info session for diabetics today, 6/7/17. Unfortunately no one from the hospital returned my call in order to tell me time & location.

Does anyone know of where I might find live nutrition, exercise, lifestyle guidance here?



By: obxyz
6/8/2017 6:32 AM

I don't wanna preach, but this has been brought up on this board before, try NSNG. No sugars, no grains. Sounds harder than it actually is. Hardest part might be catching the hidden sugars in a lot of things at first. After a few weeks your A1C will plummet, followed by the rest of your markers. No calorie counting or any counting. Just eat real food from refrigerators and not pantry shelves. Swap out your cereal for bacon and eggs. Snack on cold cuts, cheese, olives, avacados and berries and eat a traditional dinner where cruciferous vegetables take the place of starches. Your doctors will be amazed, you can keep off meds and stop wasting time at the doctors offices. I don't count anything, I don't miss or crave anything, heck I even still drink on weekends (spirits only), but I've dropped 50lbs+ since Jan 2. Once you break the sugar addiction, and get through the withdrawal you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Fire away with any questions.


By: obiex
6/8/2017 9:37 AM

Wow, I just stumbled upon this as I rarely frequent this forum. I just started a 'lifestyle change' for this exact same reason. I am 52, overweight, and 'newly' prediabetic. My plan is simple - eat right (paying attention to sugar/carb intake) and exercise at least 5 times a week. I've only been at it 2 weeks and at the very least, feel better. I am avoiding the counting/tracking since I had done that years ago on Weight Watchers, and don't want to spend that amount of time in the weeds. Don't take that the wrong way, I certainly care what and how much I eat on a daily basis, it's just I'm at the point where I know what's right and what's wrong. My numbers were/are high enough where medication was offered as an option. I declined them 6 months ago with the promise to myself that I would diet/exercise and bring them down on my own. I failed. Fast forward to today, my numbers are higher than before and I, based on advice from 2 doctors, am starting Metformin. My intent is to get the numbers down, drop the Metformin, and continue monitoring closely. If you can, don't fail like I did - get your numbers down on your own. To give you an idea of who/what I am, I'm 52 years old and at least 120 lbs overweight. Diabetes does not run in my direct family, but I have cousins who have it. My lab results from 6 months ago had my A1C at 6.1 (not horrible, but an early warning sign) and my latest home tests of blood glucose has been between 126 and 154. Time for me to get serious. That said, good luck to you. The lifestyle change has been tough at times, but, I have to deal.


By: NCSU Dad
6/10/2017 9:44 PM

Thanks obxyz & obiex for the replies.

I have a really good doctor here. He's a family practice doctor. Young guy. He has knowledge of diabetes but is not a specialist. Maybe I don't need a specialist. With so much information on diabetes available on the Web it gets confusing for me. Example my doctor seems OK with an A1C of 7.0, maybe that's just for now, other sources say that's too high. Even my lab result paperwork indicates "range 4.8 - 5.6".

Exercise: For starters, per my doctor, I'm walking 30 minutes every other day.

Medication: I started Metformin a few months ago to try and kick start a drop. It was steady climbing with each yearly physical. My high number so far 7.1. My last test in April 2017 was 6.8.

Weight: At 200 lbs my doctor wants me to lose 10% which translates to 20 pounds. I think if I could get to 160 that would be fantastic. I was 125 at age 21. REAL skinny.

Nutrition: My biggest challenge. I've never been on a diet. I haven't drank alcohol in years. Doctor wants me at 120 carbs per day. Yikes! NSNG has been a challenge. We eat out quite often which does not help. I love bread & grains.

obxyz your list of real foods is also my understanding of what I should be eating.

I watched my brother die a diabetic death. Damaged heart, leg amputated, both kidneys gone, dialysis, eyesight failing, mental issues as his body just wore out from the med's. Those were the biggies. Pitiful!

Thanks again for the replies.


By: home*sweet*home
10/5/2017 6:06 PM

I want to cry about your brother.

Please buy Dr. Bernstein's book The Diabetes Solution and then sign up on Facebook with his group too.