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Rental Cottage Question

By: Glenna
10/4/2003 7:43 AM

Good morning! I have a question for all you smart people. What do you look for when you choose a vacation rental in the OBX? Are there certain amenities the cottage/hotel has to have or is it just the location? TIA!!


By: Rick
10/4/2003 8:27 AM

Location is nice. But I look at what I can afford. I always want a TV and a washer dryer too


By: A-not
10/4/2003 12:26 PM

outside shower is a must!!! A/C too if it is in the summer!!!


By: obxgrlinva
10/4/2003 3:45 PM

Screen porch is a must when those skeeters are biting!


Personally, I just look for cheap, cheap, cheap. We paid $200 for a 3 room cottage across the street for the beach for 1 week. Color me happy! smiley

10/4/2003 4:55 PM

By: Rick
10/4/2003 6:02 PM

where Marty


By: Robert
10/4/2003 8:29 PM

Smart people here? LOL

I think first is location. If you have kids you want to be by "activities" when they get bored of the beach or rainy days. You want fishing...then go down to Hatteras. aways check where the beach access is if you are not renting on the oceanfront....it could be quite a hike.

Next of course is price. What are you willing to spend.

Next focus in on the features of the cottage....you need two or more master bedrooms? Want a whirlpool? How important are these things to YOU. We have some things in the cottage we rent that we never use.


It was in South Nags Head, milepost 17.5. I'm not sure if it survived Isabel.

If you are interested, here is the info, copied from the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce site:

High Tide Cottages
Jennie & J.D. Peele
8228 Old Oregon Inlet Rd
Nags Head, NC 27959
Phone: (252) 441-3564 / (252) 221-4582
2, 2-bedroom ctgs. C/TV, microwave. Central heat/air. Open April-Nov

The rate we paid was for off-season. It was small, but clean. It was great for us!

10/5/2003 7:33 PM

By: Kimco...
10/5/2003 8:00 PM

They survived just fine.


Location (town, then proximity to beach) then price. No condos or new construction. All other things being equal, washer & dryer

10/6/2003 10:55 AM

By: Shelly
10/6/2003 10:12 PM

The most important thing in my opinion is location. It has to be oceanfront. We have tried oceanview and even one lot back. It's just not the same. We drive 9 1/2 hours to get there and when I get to the house I want to see the ocean. Nothing like waking up every morning and walking out on the deck and watching the sun rise over the ocean. Also love to sleep with the windows open (off season of course) and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.