Is it Friday yet?

By: Ohio Steve
10/1/2003 7:49 AM

I'm sitting here at working sucking down my second cup of coffee and catching up on the message board. This thing is addictive.

My wife and I have been talking a lot about our Thanksgiving trip to the OBX. This will be the first time we've visited in the winter and I am ready to enjoy a quiet trip. Will anyone else be down in late November?


By: soundliving
10/1/2003 9:14 AM


My family (husband and 2 kids) will be coming down the day after Thanksgiving for the weekend. We are staying at the Nags Head Inn. I haven't been down to the OBX that late in the year and am looking forward to it.


By: obxgrlinva
10/1/2003 10:33 AM

I have been down mid November and T-shirts are really cheap at some of the restaruants like Quagmires, $10 with your $2 off coupon only $8 bucks! One of my sisters and I were doing Xmas husbands or pets or that's a mini-vacation right there!


I will be heading down for Thanksgiving week also. Taking the whole extended family. First time there for this holiday. Hope things are open.

This will be my 7th trip this year to Corolla. Just have to figure a way to move there! Sure will save me gas money.

10/1/2003 11:11 AM

By: Sea Glass
10/1/2003 11:21 AM

I'm with you, Viper! We are leaving about 4 am Friday!! (Gotta beat rush hour going through New York) We will stay overnight in Virginia, then finish the drive on Saturday. We are taking the kids, my in-laws and some friends and their kids. This is our second time down this year. I just love it. One of my favorite memories is riding bikes with my daughter on the little road that runs behind the lighthouse and past all the little shops in Corolla.

Soon to be in OBX,