Back to reality

By: Rick
8/24/2003 8:46 PM

Well I couldn't have asked for better weather . Fishing wasn¡¦t that great but I wasn¡¦t skunked every day. I another day off before going back to work, I need to unwind a day and school starts tomorrow for my New step daughter, This was a honey moon too. We were married just before we left , but honey mooning with a 7 year old isn¡¦t all that great, Woo Hoo school starts so we will have a day to our selves,

I did find a cyber connection in Hatteras and Ocracoke. Hatteras is in the Shopping center where the liquor store is in Buxton. Called Cape Point printing. They have access there. and in Ocracoke its above O'Neal's tackle shop. I looked in but the beach had its priorities.

Well back to reality