Realtor Question

By: tc08105
8/25/2021 11:35 AM

Tim ... is there any data on average number of people in house by year?

For example, 100% rented may not change. I wonder if a house that sleeps 10 may now have 9 staying there, rather than 6 as more people tag along. That would be a 50% increase in people with no increase in rentals.


No way to really know how many people are actually in the house. The over packing last year was noticeable just looking at the cars in a driveway and it was obvious each couple brought their own car.


Tim. Do you think crowding has anything to do with the rising cost to rent? When we stayed in SNH a few years ago, there were some places so crowded that some people were sleeping in their vehicles.


Anf that is why I love,love ,love repeat guest.
We do raise our rent enough to keep up with repairs
and taxes etc., but not to the point that a repeat guest would start looking for something more affordable


A delicate balance, for sure. We stayed in the same house for years when we stayed in SS. The owners kept up with improvements and raised the accordingly without scaring us out.


By: 5513MKII
8/25/2021 4:03 PM

My guess is a combo of people pulling out of traditional property managers and going to VRBO/AirBNB - which everyone on this board, on FB, seems so darn fond of doing...but I dont think that's in the cards for us as owners of an 8+ br house.

Plus some people renting to friends/family only and having for themselves the other time - times are good, a lot of people flush with cash, suddenly they dont need the 50-100k extra anymore. Again, this assumes a "normal" size home of 3-6 bedrooms.

And then the other would be going from one PM to another.

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By: NightOwl
8/25/2021 6:57 PM

I was also at the eye doctors last week and sat next to two guys having a chat about the changes in their neighborhoods. The part I heard was from a guy in Frisco and he said that all his rental neighbors had sold and a bunch of Northeast people moved in permanently. He didn't like the vibe on the street anymore.


I take that with a grain of salt. A lot of people consider anyone from north of Petersburg or east of OH or TN as being from the Northeast.

I have a second home owner neighbor whom I talk with once or twice a year. He assured me that one of our neighbors, whom he doesn't like, was from NYC. That person is actually from Arlington, VA.

I'd love to know what the "new vibe on the street" was. Do you think that he felt looked down on or disrespected? Were they fixing up their new properties and making him look bad? Obviously it was something that the renters didn't mind, but renters usually don't complain about the locals, at least until they get back home.

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By: GoneCoastal252
8/25/2021 8:17 PM

OBX = Crowds. Now more than ever.


By: kimmies
9/22/2021 3:28 AM

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