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Waiting for Spring at Whalebone Junction

By: slomo
3/10/2021 9:55 PM

down for a visit and caught a cold, but sunny and dry weekend...

for those that enjoy the Whalebone Junction area of Nags Head this is what the familiar landmarks look like just after sunrise in early March...enjoy the video

it's pretty desolate and quiet (except for the wind) with virtually no one around...ha! I thought a zombie might stumble out from a driveway...

quite a contrast from the sounds and sights of commerce and tourism in the spring, summer and fall...

spring is less than two weeks away...yes!


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By: Banks68
3/11/2021 8:22 AM

Thanks, slomo!
What a glorious morning there!
Hubby and I will be staying at the Surf Side this weekend!!!!

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