By: Bess
7/15/2020 3:31 PM

When I started my "Virus" question on June 16, I never imagined i would get so many responses and views. Wonder if i'll get a prize. Unfortunately my original post turned into a bunch of snarky, rude, remarks going into grammar, spelling and politics. Not what i wanted. If anyone is interested, yes we did cancel our 2 weeks in Nags Head due to our Gov. requiring a two week quarantine on our return home. For my husband and me, pushing 90 it would have been ok but we wouldn't go without my grandson and his family who would have to miss a month of work. So here we sit thinking back on over 40 yrs of wonderful years in Nags Head with our children, our grandchildren and now our great grandchildren. We have a chance for two weeks in September which is not looking too likely. .So for those of you enjoying your vacation, stay well, stay safe and above all ENJOY. Beer Martini Glass

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By: shertz
7/15/2020 3:54 PM

It seems more and more posts and comments are negative and attacking. I guess this virus has folks beside themselves. Sorry to hear about the cancellation. We are still going next week but will take lots of precautions like eating at home and spending more evenings by the pool. Hope you’re able to make it in September. I have a week then as well.

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By: loveobx
7/15/2020 4:03 PM

Sorry you had to cancel we are tempted to cancel too except don’t think our condo we rented would re-rent since the other ones aren’t renting. It’s only the 3 of us so not much different from being at home.

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By: beachlovinfam
7/15/2020 4:08 PM

Sorry to hear about your trip! I hope you are able to make it work for September. We had 2 weeks scheduled for May, but were only able to go for one week due to the bridge being closed. It was not the college graduation celebration we were hoping for (and the college grad didn't even get a grad ceremony - postponed until December), but it was still nice to go, see the stormy sea, and feel the fresh sea breeze.


By: Mike Zw
7/15/2020 4:11 PM

I am also from NJ and cancelled today but already booked the same property in Avon for next year. Its an inexpensive 5 bedroom oceanfront so we anticipate it getting re-rented quickly. Click to follow link...
(shameless plug). Tough decision and another long year to wait. Stay safe all, I appreciate everyone that is doing the right thing and abiding by the rules whether you agree with them or not.

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By: Nashna
7/15/2020 4:27 PM

I did follow the very sad turn your post took. I attempted to start a new Covid-19 thread and the same opinionated folks took over the post. We both wanted more information from the local perspective of the virus and how it impacted OBX as well as the visitors. Sadly, I just deleted my Covid-19 post today when it dissolved into insanity. What a shame. I am sorry you will not be making the trip this year. Our family will be arriving on July 25th for one week in Frisco. We have all been self guaranteeing for several weeks and do not expect to leave the house for anything other than the beach. Reports of non-mask wearing servers and lack of mask-wearing by customers will eventually hurt the shops and restaurants as many of us will stay away. Let's hope next summer we won't need to worry about this horrible virus. Stay well.

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By: 2boysmom
7/15/2020 4:45 PM

I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip. It does seem that most threads turn ugly around here any more. Sad.

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By: NCSU Dad
7/15/2020 6:12 PM

I'm also sorry you had to cancel. My hats off to you for following the order.

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By: Cryogirl
7/15/2020 6:20 PM

Fingers are crossed you are able to go in September!


By: tilly
7/15/2020 6:34 PM

Bess, wishing you and your family well until you can safely return to your beloved banks. Hope memories of so many beautiful tides spent together bring you happiness every day.

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By: lowtide
7/15/2020 6:51 PM

So sorry you had to cancel your Outer Banks vacation. It was the obvious choice if you have fears for your family's health.
I agree that it a shame that there is no room in America for more than one view or opinion. Censorship is fear driven.

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By: J4yDubs
7/15/2020 7:12 PM

Sorry you had to cancel and sorry about your thread (and the many others). It's one of the reasons I was reposting the "No Politics" rule from Will, but then I just became an object of focus and was accused of all kinds of crazy things.

I'm certainly not without blame though as I've contributed to the "noise" may times. I apologizes for that and will try to do better.


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By: JimmyZ
7/16/2020 1:19 AM

Bess sorry you had to cancel your vacation. Being a senior I understand how important it is to vacation with family and create everlasting memories. It is very hard to loose time with the family due to this virus and every day in our life is precious. Hang in there. This too shall pass and you will be back hugging all those grands and great grands.

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By: Barry
7/16/2020 7:06 AM

Let's hope you can return next year and only miss one.


By: Bess
7/16/2020 3:07 PM

Thank you to all the very nice responses to this post. So different from the other one. Hope the nasties stay away. Banana Red heart

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By: Bill
7/16/2020 4:48 PM

Bess, I am not a praying man, but I really truly hope you get the trip you wanted next year, and it is doubly special!

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By: Bess
7/17/2020 1:22 PM

Thank you Bill,that was so thoughtful and renews my faith in human nature. Thumbs up


By: obx bingy
7/17/2020 11:03 PM

Bess, I whish you well and hope this hole mess soon is over but do not expect it. Your original question was in effect a very good one, but whether we like it or not it is political. And greatly impacts views and opinions, the world is changing right before our very eyes because of the situation we now face, I have lived a bit further south than the banks actually Emerald Isle and as you I really like the area. I will not apologize if I made what you refer to as rude or snarky remarks. But will continue to seek the truths about this issue. And state my objections to those who fail to realize the dangers of not doing so. I truly hope you do the same and can return to that special place called the O.B.X.

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