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Another picture of shell

By: OBXKathie
11/9/2019 2:27 PM

This is another picture of the shell

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By: judyk
11/9/2019 3:01 PM

That’s a paper nautilus shell. Good find. It’s rather uncommon.

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By: OBXKathie
11/9/2019 4:54 PM

Thank you


By: CoolBreezeKDH
11/9/2019 5:55 PM

What an amazing find. Don't you feel like you won the lottery? It looks really delicate. A miracle it didn't get broken on the way in.

Edited to say I looked this up and it is so cool! What you have is the egg case of an octopus called an Argonaut. Read more about it here:

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By: OBXKathie
11/9/2019 7:11 PM

Thank you for the link. I can’t wait to show it to my grandson. It does feel like winning the lottery!!!


By: Mstaszew
11/9/2019 8:08 PM

That is pretty awesome. I’ve never seen or heard about those before. Cool find


By: nicki
11/9/2019 8:42 PM

That is awesome. I never heard of these,, so cool.


By: obxmini
11/10/2019 9:42 AM


I've seen photos before but never have seen one "in the wild". Interestingly a friend just found one early this morning in the surf... He thought it was plastic at first!

Very cool, Kathie! Thumbs up


By: Painter KS
11/10/2019 10:20 AM

I’ve seen pieces of the shell on the beach and always wondered what the whole one looked like. Beautiful shell!


By: Robert
11/12/2019 7:47 AM

Very nice! What are dimensions? Check out link below.



By: OBXKathie
11/13/2019 12:15 PM

The measurements are 7” by 3.5”

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