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Corolla Fence & Mr. Romano

By: Corolla&Corona
10/23/2019 9:07 PM

By: nicki
10/23/2019 11:05 PM

I thought it was going to be an article about Rick's artwork on a fence!

I'm glad all parties involved are working on a solution, looks like a challenge. And I wonder if Raymond will get to return to the herd? Hes a rockstar! smiley


By: lovingretirement
10/24/2019 7:24 AM

Unfortunately he cannot be returned to the herd. He has now been exposed to "germs" that could infect the wild horses. That is why once removed from the wild they cannot be returned to the wild.

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By: nicki
10/24/2019 9:57 AM

I am happy he is in their care, I'm sure his life will actually be much better...no more foraging, injury or illness, or sparring with stallion's...but I'm sad for him too. He was a bada**. He believed he was a stallion and made it happen. I love the underdog!