Moondance obit

Moondance obit

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RE: Moondance obit

Jack's Story

Jack Holmes, Jr., 62, of Fairmont, passed from this world on May 10, 2017.
The son of Jack and Dollie Holmes, he grew up in Shrewsbury.

Jack was a BFA honors graduate of West Liberty State College in 1977, specializing in stoneware pottery and sculpture. He was a juried Tamarack and West Virginia Art and Craft Guild artist who exhibited in many venues, both regional and national, receiving numerous awards and accolades through the years.

Jack was employed by Lab Corps of America as a courier and then as a branch manager in Fairmont for more than 30 years before retiring in 2014.

Jack was preceded in death by his parents.

He is survived by his beloved wife and lifelong companion, Vickie (Payne) Holmes of Fairmont; his devoted sister, Pamela Holmes of Cedar Grove; a nephew and niece and their children, Mark Neely (Madison and Matthew) and Amy Neely (Autumn and Jackson); his adoring feline buddy, Frank (Zappa); and many, many friends.

Jack was a lover of many things. His art was his passion, and he built his life around it. He was primarily a potter, and an experimental photographer. Although his heart was in his clay, his vision of the world could be seen in all aspects of his work.

Jack was a lover and collector of music of all kinds. It was rare to enter his home without hearing tunes new and different or old and familiar spinning on the stereo.

Jack loved all things green. He was an avid gardener, a hugger of trees and a vigilant steward of the Earth.

Jack was a man of strong convictions, opinions and beliefs. He never hesitated to share his thoughts, and he supported many worthwhile causes.

Jack was a native West Virginian. He loved the mountains of his "Motherland" and was proud of his heritage. Some of his happiest times were spent camping, hiking and communing with the natural world around him. Although he traveled, he never strayed too long from the hills of home.

In keeping with his wishes, there will be no funeral services. A celebration of his life will be held at a later time in June.

In lieu of flowers or monetary gifts, it is requested that all who care to do so should plant a flower or a tree, visit a place of happiness and peace or send up a song to the heavens to carry him on his way.

Jack was a wild and beautiful soul. Remain in light.

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RE: Moondance obit

That was beautiful, and also made me tear up. Red heart Broken heart

RE: Moondance obit

Thank you Blue Fish for posting this. I tried for several days to find this. Please post anything related to the memorial service if/when you see it. Very much appreciated. This is a beautiful write-up on what I imagined him to be like. I wish I could have met him, had a drink with him, and listened to some tunes. As I will be in my garden all day tomorrow, I am planting something and I'm gonna name it Jack. Gonna take good care of it. Thanks again.

RE: Moondance obit

Now I have to find a West Virginia native tree to plant on my property...

RIP Jack (Marvelous Moondance). It was great knowing you, even if just through an internet forum.


RE: Moondance obit

The state tree is the sugar maple, flower, rhododendron. If you want to go with those, tho I'm fairly certain the lil bit of rebel in him would appreciate anything.
Does anyone have his wife's address? I'd rather send her a condolendence note than share my feelings on a forum board. (PM would be good)

RE: Moondance obit

A very fitting description of a glorious life's journey. Going to miss this dude.

RE: Moondance obit

What a beautifully written tribute to such an honorable human being. Only wish I'd had the opportunity to meet Jack in person.

Thank you for posting this.

RE: Moondance obit


RE: Moondance obit

What a lovely tribute.

The suggestions in lieu of flowers moved me. All things he loved..nature, music, and the simple joys of life. Red rose

RE: Moondance obit

Beautiful tribute to someone who loved this earth and nature and all the great things it offered. We need more people like him; what a loss to his loved ones.

RE: Moondance obit

Such a great guy. So sad I never had the chance to meet up with him in person when he was in town. RIP MM Rainbow

RE: Moondance obit

Like others my deepest condolences to his family. He was a beacon on light on the OBX Connection. RIH MM