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Mulligans Inc. - Nags Head, Outer Banks Restaurant
Mulligan's can lay claim to serving some of the best burgers on the beach. The burgers are big, juicy, and tasty and come with a variety of toppings. Mulligan's also serves steak, seafood, and an array of pasta entrees for lunch and dinner. Occupying the old Miller's Pharmacy building, the eatery is divided in half lengthwise by wooden and glass partitions. The south end is flanked by a long, low bar. Scores of old Outer Banks photographs, painted mirrors, and other memorabilia decorate this comfortable, inviting full-service bar, where appetizers and light dinners are available.

The north half of Mulligan's is the restaurant, where raw-bar items, sandwiches, pasta, steak, and seafood are available. Bread, a salad, and potatoes or rice complete the main course, but be sure to leave room for cheesecake and other delightful desserts. Live entertainment and karaoke fill the atmosphere year-round. Mulligan's is open seven days a week all year long.

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Website: www.mulligansobx.com
Address: 4005 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
Phone: (252)480-2000

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Visitor Reviews
going down hill 6/28/2017
abc123 from kdh
Been eating there off and on for 10 years as a year round resident and the last 2 trips have been awful. Burger bun was hard/old burger was tough and dry and server couldn't be bothered to refill drinks. Wont waste my time again.Good luck hope things get better.
Great food and view 8/17/2015
marid4061 from Not Provided
Went to Mulligans in June after a day on the beach. Arrived around 2:00 and missed the lunch crowd. Most of us ordered fish sandwiches, crab cakes, and fish tacos. Everything was fabulous! We had rockfish for the tacos and fish sandwich. Some of the best fish ever. Everything was lightly breaded and seasoned perfectly. There was so much food. The service was very good as well. You really need to sit on the upper deck. Great views and definite beach vibe. Will be going back.
Great food/Great atmosphere/Excellent service 8/17/2015
obxgirlwannabe from Ohio
Enjoyed our evening on the outside covered deck. I ordered the fish special of trout which was excellent and huge in portion. My husband got the gruper (spelling) and enjoyed it but he did not care that the food was all placed on top of one another....lol. Our server was wonderful and very friendly. We'll be making this one of "must go to" places from now on.
Sit on the upstairs deck 8/1/2013
beachbumz from MI/Avon
Food was OK,service was good but the view from the upper deck while dining was terrific. We've been there a few times but never out side before and it was great. Birds eye view of the old beach houses on the beach road and the ocean, perfect with a few drafts!
Upstairs is fantastic 5/8/2012
VALiz&Tim from Central VA
This is by far one of my favorite outer banks restaurants. I have to say though I have only been seated either on the deck or upstairs bar area. I cannot comment on the downstairs bar or dining room. But wow--with a deck like that I can't imagine sitting downstairs! I'm always in search of a fantastic outside area, and this fits the bill with both ocean & Jockey's Ridge views! They have both covered and uncovered areas on the deck. Inside is a fairly good sized bar with also a few high top tables where you can drink & choose from their menu. A few flat screen tvs are on the walls so you can catch sports, etc while you eat or drink too. Great fish tacos, and shrimp & grits, as well as the best burgers I have had on the island! The BOBB Mulligan burger with a crabcake on top of the burger is sinfully delicious. Along with my favorites they also have a pretty wide variety of food including a raw/steam seafood bar. Great service and friendly staff. Only downfall are small bathrooms located on the main floor, but that won't keep me from returning every year!
Such a disappointment! 6/5/2011
Carrie from Fairfax, VA
This was such a dissappointment. The food was too expensive which can almost be forgiven if it had at least been cooked properly. The hush puppies we ordered were not cooked in the middle so we had to send them back and when we got new ones they were also not cooked in the center. The crab dip we ordered was ok but the chips were stale. I ordered a coke and twice had to send it back because I was given a diet coke. I guess there was a mistake in the way the machine was hooked up (again forgivable except when you add in all of the other issues it makes it all the more sucky). I never did get a coke by the way, I ended up having to switch drinks all together. After asking twice for the hush puppies and unstale chips we finally got them. Then my hamburger came out and was basically raw. I had to get our waitress to take it back to the kitchen which she did and then retured a few minutes later with the same burger on a different bun (I assume she put the burger in the microwave to cook it further). Needless to say, the burger was average at that point (I will also add that I am 6 months pregnant and could not eat uncooked burgers and diet coke, even if I wanted to). I worked in a restaurant for many years when in college and completely understand that bad days happen but I also know how people should be treated when these types of things do happen. The worst part of this whole experience was that we never once received an apology or a visit from the manager until we received the check and my husband said that he did not think we should have to pay for the appetizers that we couln't even eat because they were not cooked properly. The waitress said ok and left, then the owner of the restaurant came out to the table and yelled at him in front of the entire restaurant saying that she was the owner so there was no one else for him to talk to and that he should pay his bill and never come back. Needless to say we were completely shocked at how she spoke to him and how she could care less about all of the problems we had had with our food. The lack of human decency and respect was really astounding. I wish I had read the reviews before going because I have found numerous complaints about the owners from others on the web.
The Deck! 10/5/2010
Maslin from KDH, NC
I don't know about you, but I love a restaurant with outside seating! Mulligan's built a huge roof-level deck in 2009, and it's a great place to hang out. They have live music on the deck most evenings in season. But I must mention the food - their burgers get all the attention, but their fries rock. Try the crab balls for an appetizer, and yes all the burgers are excellent!
False Advirtizing 7/9/2010
Randy Jeffers from Cleaveland Ohio (Hang On Sloopy)
We came to see the ShyGuy Karaoke show and found he was no longer there. You should not use false information to lure people in. We did find him in Rodanthe, longer trip but still well worth the drive. Why did he leave...
ShyGuy left ( Mulligans in Sept. of 09 ) 5/26/2010
It has been brought to my attention that rumors are spreading that I no longer work the OBX. This not true. I have left Mulligans and moved to Uncle Pauley's in Rodanrhe. It's a little longer ride, but, we still have fun and some of my followers have already made trips there. I thank them and look forward to seeing more friends.I will be there Wed. and Thurs. Call for more info.
Vacationers From Out Of State 5/26/2010
The Crew from Ohio from Somewhere in Cyberspace
Mulligans was not bad for food but we went to enjoy Karaoke and found out that the D/J who was there the previous years had moved to another location. ShyGuy is now located at Uncle Pauley's in Rodanthe. Well worth the ride, it,s a participation show you won't forget. And, the food is quite good as well.
Smokey Room 11/18/2009
melody and friends from Kitty Hawk
About a dozen of us visited about 2 yrs ago and sat in no smoking area when we ate, food was delicious, but went upstairs to the entertainment and found we could not even breathe, room was filled with toxic cigarette smoke and even the disc jockey was smoking cigars, while he just sat there doing hardly nothing. A couple was singing a moment like this and it was horrible, the sound, and singers were terrible, went looking for another karaoke bar.
Best burger on the beach 10/16/2009
Beth from NC
Love the burgers, service was quick and friendly.
not bad... not great..... just ok ..... we will go somewhere else 10/14/2009
tony and victoria clemens from outer bank vacationers
We heard it was the spot to eat and enjoy the evening, the place we expected it to be was not. Food was ok but slow service, the entertainment was upstairs but no one was around just a old guy, come to find out he was the dj he was spending most of his time outside on the deck. not our cup of tea...... sorry
Nice place 10/8/2009
Christine from Richmond, VA
We were in OBX for a week where we had dinner there once, and then came back to OBX the next weekend and ate there twice. First time I had the fried seafood platter, and then crabcakes the 2nd and 3rd time. The crabcakes are really good. All of the food we had there on all 3 visits was great. My friend had a burger each time and loved them. We had the same waiter, who was just a seasonal waiter, but he was awesome, can't say the same for the rest, but he was great. My bf loved the raw oysters. Will probably go back next summer.
Getaway 10/6/2009
Barry and Jen from Fairfax, Va.
Wanted to get away for a few days. Great food and the upstairs deck was cool. Stayed for karaoke and had a great time. Plenty of song to choose from and system was pretty good for a small area. Check it out.
Good fun! 9/28/2009
Colleen from Annandale, VA
We enjoy Mulligans. The food is good, as is the service. My kids love it, which is a plus!
basic burgers 9/28/2009
marky from cleveland ohio
just ok...been there a couple time last 2-3 years
YUM! 9/15/2009
Mike from Indiana
We were there in June and back again last week. I've become partial to their blackened seafood combo plater.
Bad Choice 9/13/2009
greg from outer banks area
I recently stopped to this place and was dissatisfied, ordered a burger well done and got raw basically, ordered a beer and it was warm, the people working there were not experienced with there line of work, i felt i was in a drive through at a burger king, and the entertainment was horrible, the ( DJ ) was not entertaining, he couldn't carry a tune if he tried and didn't play my requests, a jukebox would have been better, place was not busy at all, i can see why.
Brew Crew 9/7/2009
mellisa and my brew crew from myrtle beach
A bunch of us stopped here to have some good food and lots of beer and sing. We all love to have fun and a friend of a friend told us to check this place out, he said they have karaoke for entertainment and we all love to sing, so we did. The place was not that busy so we were able to sit down and be waited on pretty fast, the food was good and for the price, we all filled our bellies for under a $50 dollar bill and the beer was real good, very cold, the way we like it. We decided to stay awhile and sing a few songs, Not busy at all, no waiting for a rotation. Other then allot of dead air disc skipping and feedback it was like any other bar with karaoke down here. (We) were the show, the DJ loved us and wanted us to come back the next night to entertain him, but no thanks, we had to leave the next morning. I have to say we've been to bigger and more exciting karaoke bars where there's more action and crowd appreciation, limited selection of songs. We all recommend the service if your looking for a quiet night out, with a ghost town feeling.
Just o.k. 9/2/2009
warren & tyrese from south carolina
Stopped in about a month ago, the food was very good and the drinks got us tipsy, wanted to sing some karaoke but the system was not like systems were used to singing on and the disc skipped a few times , but all in all, we had fun for the couple hours we were there, been to more exciting karaoke bars before.
I Visit Alot , Great Food ! 8/31/2009
jean & pat from jockey rd
I go for the seafood, my boyfriend loves the burgers, must have a few sodas to wash them down though there extremely large, beer is well chilled , fast service and the entertainment is nice, not too crowded ( 5 people upstairs ) and the DJ did a mediocre job,i have seen and heard better.
Ohio Getaway 8/30/2009
The Ohio Gang from Columbus, Ohio
Food was great espically the seafood.Spent two weeks in August. Prices werebetter then most and the deck area was great with entertainment. Karaoke night was awesome, I thought I was at abig time bar. Shyguy rocks, you gotta catch the show. Looking forward to next trip.
Very Delightful 8/27/2009
roosterVa from Va Usa
The Atmosphere Was Delightful, Dinner ( Very Good) Drinks ( Refreshing ) And Entertainment ( Please Play My Song Next Time, Don't Sing It Ty )
Party Girls Vacation 8/14/2009
Kathy,Mellisa,Tiffany and Ashley from Virgina Beach Usa
Well, The Weather Was Beautiful, Cant Complain, The Food Was O.K. The Drinks Were Fine But The Entertainment Was Old, I Mean Old, And He Was Not Up To Date With Music And Karaoke, We Had A Hard Time Finding Songs We Liked To Sing, His Selection Was Limited. Time To Try Some Young New Karaoke D.J.S And Mix It Up , Having The Same One All The Time Gets Old .......We Give 3 Stars For Weather Food And Drinks
karaoke junkies 8/10/2009
party girls from outerbanks
i enjoyed the food and drinks but the entertainment was boring and the dj was not polite, so we left.
LOVE THE MOVE 5/3/2009
Smokin Atmosphere 3/30/2009
Jim & Grace Wetherton from Kingston,New York
Food was fantastic and the upstairs bar area has Mad karaoke . Shyguy karaoke is unlike any other i've been to. It was like going to a show and being a part of it. DON'T MISS IT.
Cooked to order 10/12/2008
Beth from NC
The only place I have found that you can get your burger however you want, not overdone. For those who are medium rare fans, it's the place. Plus they are huge. The potato salad was very good also.
Mulligan's Has Moved 9/11/2008
Colleen from KDH
It's no longer on the Beach Rd - it's now on the highway in NH. Restaurant is fairly large. BIG menu with a lot of variety.
Passable 8/24/2008
Anonymous from Somewhere in Cyberspace
Nothing great, nothing terrible. Standard OBX menu. Boring.
Vacation Pleasures 9/11/2007
Steve and Tammy from Philly,Penn
Didn't find a better atmosphere the whole week. TH/FR. karaoke was awesome. This guy ShyGuy has a show that is so urban and live. It's big city and family in one big package. you can't miss it, or you missed it. He's great!!!!!!
Food and Fun 9/11/2007
Fred and Brenda from Long Island, New York
Mulligans has the greatest burgers i've eaten to date. Seafood is fantastic and the prices are right there. Upstairs bar and karaoke night was a total blast. ShyGuy karaoke has largest selection on banks and his humor and show is outrageous. Don't miss him.
forget my 1st review, go to the old mulligans 7/23/2007
murf from va
poor service, poor food, asked for manager was lied to, seated immediately, but had to wait over 2 hours for food, (been better off going and waiting 2 hours to be seated at awful awthurs). The restaurant has changed so much, not the same, now more of a (get em in and get their money) type atmosphere. At the old mulligans, you could have great food, and a good time, with not as much wait.
Old Mulligans was better 7/21/2007
Pete from Richmond VA.
Like everything else things change. The new Mulligans is OK but the prices are a lot higher and atmosphere is not the same.
Great casual place....great late night fun 7/14/2007
Harold from Nags Head, NC
Great burgers; great seafood (coconut shrimp!!) Coldest beer anywhere. Very friendly. A great improvement over the old location.
Still go to the same building - now Beach Road Grill 3/8/2007
Ben Dover from Worthington, Ohio
The old Mulligan's building, now Beach Road Grill, is still the place to go - great burgers, local bar/grill atmosphere and great staff (most of staff are holdovers from the old Mulligan's). Try the crab cake sandwich!
go to Beach Road Grill 8/26/2006
Lauren from Nags Head (just moved here from Alexandria, VA)
Mulligans used to have the best burger before they moved. Now, the same cooks are at Beach Road Grill. Had a horrible experience at Mulligans since the move. Food and service were awful. Beach Road Grill is awesome as usual..and the best burgers in town.
#1 Burger 7/27/2006
Patrick from Gettysburg, PA
After you're in OBX for nearly a week, we needed to get back to a normal meal (at normla prices). Not only does Mulligan's offer the "comfort" food choices, it was absolutely fantastic. Chicken tortilla's as an appetizer are highly recommended. The taste, tenderness, and juiciness of their burger sets them apart from nearly any other burger we have ever had. The atmosphere reminded me of a local 70's diner, but the food more than made up for that. I would have given 4 stars if the atmosphere was a bit better with some music perhaps. Staff was very nice. Trust me, go to Mulligan's.
Killer 6/25/2006
John from West Virginia
Best Burgers anywhere. The place is great to take the family for lunch.
Good burgers, wings, steamers 6/1/2006
mark from Richmond, VA
Good variety of burgers if you are looking for a burger. My kids love the wings, oysters were just as good as other. Very friendly, worth the try.
Great burger - too much smoke from the bar 3/6/2005
Tim from KDH,NC
The burgers are darn good and you have many variations to choose from. Too bad they let people smoke in resturants!
Couldn't ask for more... 12/20/2004
Angie from Elizabeth City, NC
We recently visited Nags Head and had the opportunity to do dinner at Mulligans. The food was absolutely superb! We had a large party, so we all sampled off the plates. Their snow crab is wonderful, the blackened crab cakes are positively delicious...we were all so pleased! The service was outstanding - Dennis is a great waiter!! I cannot rate this restaurant high enough!
Great Burgers & Fries 10/26/2004
KT Mae from Chester VA
We always go here one evening for a very casual burger & beer. They have as good a burger & fries as I've ever had.
Great Beach Burgers 1/21/2004
Keith from Vermillion, Ohio
Nice place right on the beach. Nice atomsphere and priced right. Another good place for burgers is worth the drive just over the Wright Bridge to Hotdogger's Surf N Cafe. A dumpy looking place with outstanding food, mostly just sandwiches and a few seats. Either one of these places will fit the bill for quality food at a very reasonable price.
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